Railway vehicles


Rough construction

We develop or modify rough structures made of both steel and aluminium alloys, including strength calculations.


We carry out conceptual and development work in the field of rail vehicle interiors. When designing an interior, we discuss individual details with our design department and other suppliers. During development, we place emphasis on functionality and ergonomics. The interior of the railway vehicle is one of the most important parts of the vehicle that has a significant impact on travel comfort.


We provide our customers with complete service in the modernization of railway vehicles from the initial design, through conceptual processing to detailed construction and production assistance. At the same time, we communicate with suppliers of individual units, prepare inquiry documentation and evaluate offers technically.


In the area of calculations, we perform strength analysis and optimization of railway vehicles according to applicable European standards and customer requirements. We use Abaqus software in our calculations.

NIM Express train

A comprehensive train set designed for a speed of 200 km/h consists of a control car, four trailer cars, an end car and an electric locomotive. We took care of the design of the interior and exterior of all cars of the set, including the front grille of the control car. During the construction phase, we designed the interiors of all three types of cars in cooperation with other suppliers of individual subsystems such as toilets, air conditioning and electrical wiring.


Design for the Hungarian city of Miskolc. The idea of a tram, the largest part of which consists of a passenger salon, which protects the vehicle with its space-hugging frame. This basic frame is then fitted with a roof connecting the driver’s cabs on both ends. The design of the tram is characterized by the connection of the side windows with the lights and the graphics at the bottom of the front giving the tram a friendly expression. In a public vote on the final form of the tram, the residents of Miskolc chose a black and white color solution with floral graphic motifs pointing to the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles.