AUFEER SOLUTIONS provides turnkey services in the automotive field. Our team of passionate people creates a complete service and brings creative solutions in the areas of manufacturing technology and product quality.

AUFEER SOLUTIONS are not only project engineers. Due to our diverse service portfolio we also implement our know-how in the field of vehicle testing, press tool production and aggregate testing. AUFEER SOLUTIONS was founded in 2017.

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Driving tests

Project engineers are responsible for managing and coordinating projects across the areas of construction and infrastructure, industrial engineering, automation, assembly, fire protection, predictive maintenance, quality, logistics and the environment. The advantage of our employees is skill in project management. Our employees deal with project issues on a daily basis, perform process audits of individual areas of the production process, assess risks, assess the condition of individual components of the car and prepare and update presentations for meetings. All supported by professional communication with suppliers.

The development of a car is a very long process in which not only its final appearance is formed, but also its quality and functionality. The priority is to produce a level of quality which will lead to maximum customer satisfaction. Our team of mechanics, technicians and test drivers provide prototype and customer long-term tests of cars. We carry out the test both with regard to individual parts and as a comprehensive analysis of the cars including detailed evaluation. We develop software and hardware individually according to customer needs. During the testing of cars, we monitor the activities of on-board systems and measuring and recording equipment in the vehicle, evaluate its condition and assess the functionality of the entire car and individual components. Our drivers spend thousands of hours in the cars and cover millions of kilometres.


Precise and handy people who don’t miss a beat. Did you know that the entire body of the car is welded from hundreds of body parts? Our toolmakers are engaged in preparing the tools and components for assembly, and self-assembly from sub-components. When everything is ready, the active surfaces need to be fine-tuned by polishing, stoning and grinding. This is followed by adjustment of cuts, delimitation of clearances and fitting of wedge units. The result is a ready-made functional tool for the production of individual body parts. We carry out orders all over the world, so the place of work is defined by the customer.


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